More than a movie.  It's a movement.



5 easy things you can do to support Unplanned's success in Canada.   

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Abby Johnson's story, depicted through the Unplanned movie, is turning the world upside down. Why? Because it is exposing the truth about abortion.  

Canada is the only Western nation that has no laws on abortion, at all. 


This means it is legal to abort a baby at any point of pregnancy for no medical reason and tax payers most often pay for it.

If you would like to be a part of supporting a compassionate and truth based conversation on abortion in Canada there are 5 practical ways you can get involved right now.



host a screening of unplanned

You can host a private screening of Unplanned in your area.  Screening costs range from approximately $250-$1000 depending on the size of your expected attendance.

Simply click on the button below and fill out the form to get the process started.




The majority of women who have abortions do so for one reason: lack of support from those around them.

One of the most important ways that you can help women avoid the pain of abortion is by helping support them in their pregnancy.

Choice42.com has the most comprehensive national database of support services for pregnant women who need support.


Please share this site with those who need it and consider supporting one of the amazing organizations featured on it.



elect people who care

Canada is a short distance from a federal election.  If you care about this issue and want leaders elected who will have the courage to have a conversation about abortion, now is the time to get involved.

Right Now and 4 MY Canada have joined forces to identify key swing ridings where pro-life candidates need help.  In these ridings just a few volunteers can make the difference.  www.onit4mycanada.ca is a special election website that has been developed to easily connect you with pro-life candidates that need your help.

Also, please e-mail your MP or provincial representative to share your views with them on this issue.  Click here to find your MP by postal code.





It is critical to impact the next generation with the truth about abortion.  In a time when they are being bombarded with misinformation, this is more important than ever.  Please consider getting involved in supporting the national campus movement for life lead by NCLN.




If you believe in the power of prayer to change things please consider joining the 24-7 prayer wall for life that is run by the JusticeWall.

Through the Justice Wall you can join with people from all across Canada who are participating in a 24-7 virtual prayer wall for life. 


All you need is 15 minutes a week.

How Much Canada Wants Unplanned

Below is photography from a recent screening of Unplanned in Edmonton, May 14th, 2019.  The line up was so long to get in that people waited in their cars for 30-45 minutes to get in. Some people went home because the line was so long. Estimated attendance was 2,800. 


Photos from the back of the room and from the front.


Photos of the line waiting to get in.



All donations made on this page will go to fueling the pro-life movement in Canada.  First priority of funds will go to the administration of this site, getting the Unplanned movie in various locations nationwide and movement communications.  Any surplus funds will go to support the listed initiatives on this page.  


This is a movement, not a charity. 


Donations are not tax receiptable.